USPF Southeastern Cup – 2010

Getting back to my roots.

The USPF Southeastern Cup was the first full meet in my liftieng career. Back in 1998, I competed as a novice lifter in the 198 lb weight class. I took first place with a 1445 +/-  lb total. The meet is run by Buddy Duke out of Adel Ga. Buddy is a great host and runs a great meet with fair judging and a great atmosphere.  Twelve years later, 40 lbs heavier, I decided to get back to my roots by setting myself two personal goals, to break Ed Coan’s Master squat record and to squat 1000+ lbs in single-ply gear. No better place to do it then at Buddy’s meet.

I trained from May to November in single-ply gear getting ready for this meet. Training for this meet took a lot of hard work. Backing out with every squat, woke up support muscles that I haven’t used in a long time; muscles that don’t get worked when squatting in a mono-lift. The numbers aren’t as high, but I feel stronger from the experience and plan on competing in at least one single-ply meet a year.


Weighed in at 239.5 lbs. Competed in the 242 Master (40-44) Division.

942 lbs. record breaking single-ply squat

For the squat, opened with 854 (good), jumped to 942.2 (called on dept), re-took 942 on third attempt (good).

942 broke Ed Coan’s Master American Record of 931.

Not to risk the record, I opened with 253 on the bench (good), jumped to 512 (good), third with 540 (good) .

Personal record of 705 lb conventional deadlift

Not to risk the record opened with 501 on the deadlift (good), jumped to 622 to get a 2100lb total (g00d), third with 705 (good).

Ended with a 2187.4 Lb Total

I was able to accomplish one of my goals and I will be back next year to accomplish the other.



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