2011 APF Single Ply/Raw Nationals

Keeping the Single Ply Training Going.

I sat down at the end of last year and looked over the different federations meet schedules for this year. I couldn’t pass on the APF Single Ply/Raw Nationals. With the success I had in the USPF Single Ply meet in November, I figured to just keep the momentum going. Besides, it was here in Florida, only 2 hours away, scheduled to be on my birthday, what other day of the year would any lifter want to lift, filmed to air on Fox Sports Network, TV coverage,  and best of all, $500 cash prize for winning your weight class. NO BRAINER!!

I trained all year in my single ply gear, the only difference was that this time the meet was going to be held by the APF and I wouldn’t have to back weight out of the racks, they use a mono-lift.  I decided to set my goals pretty high, 1000+ squat, 600+ bench and 700+ deadlift.  This would give me a 2300+ total. My goals were pretty accurate. Check out the results below;


Weighed in at 241.5 lbs. Competed in the 242 Open Division.

For the squat, opened with 910 (good), jumped to 970 (lost balance before starting the lift), jumped to 1003 on third attempt (good).

1003 Squat 3rd Attempt

Bench, opened with 501 on the bench (good), jumped to 560 (good), third with 622 (good) . Changed shirts to  a smaller shirt on the third attempt.

622 Bench 3rd Attempt

Went 8 for 9 and ended with a 2336 Lb Total

I was able to accomplish all of my goals, took first place ($500!) and took best lifter for the Sinple Ply division of the meet. Fox Sports even interviewd me after the meet for the show. It was a good Birthday! By the way I turned 43 that day. Not too bad for an old guy.



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