On The Road to the APF Single-Ply Nationals

I’ve been busy getting ready for the APF Single-Ply Nationals coming to Orlando, FL at the end of April. I am setting a pretty big goal for myself at this meet. My goal is to try and squat the highest single-ply squat ever. I will have to squat 1063 lbs. to go past Henry Thomason’s current 1058 lb. record.

Part of my plan to reach this goal is to compete in the 275 lb. weight class. I usually weigh around 250-255 lbs. when training for a meet and cut down to 242 lbs. the week before the meet. This time I’m not going to risk losing any strength by making the weight cut. I also plan on breaking in my gear for the heavier body weight and should have it well mastered by meet day.

This week was week 7 in a 12 week cycle leading to the meet. Here are my logs for the first 7 weeks, I only including the main exercise, but will say we have been performing reverse-hypers, glute-hams and pull-throughs as the secondary exercises for these heavy day workouts:

WEEK 1: 1-30-2012 – Safety Bar

140 x 3
230 x 3
320 x 3
410 x 1
500 x 1
590 x 1
660 x 1

All sets were performed raw. I like to train raw this far out from a meet. As the meets gets closer, I will start using briefs, an old pair, to push the weights up higher.

WEEK 2: 2-07-2012 – Box Deadlifts

250 x 3
340 x 3
450 x 3
540 x 3
640 x 1
700 x 1

This was the first time deadlifting in a long time. I was pretty pleased with the outcome. We have been training our backs pretty hard on the secondary exercises over the last few weeks and my back held out pretty good.

WEEK 3: 2-13-2012 – Band Assisted Squats

460 x 3
550 x 3
640 x 3
750 x 1
800 x 1
860 x 1
910 x 1

All sets were performed raw. The bands helped with about 250 lbs. of pressure in the hole and 0 lbs. at the top. We decide to put on the largest bands so we could get a that bigger difference.

WEEK 4: 3-20-12 – Chain Squats

155 + 365 chain x 3
155 + 365 chain x 3
245 + 365 chain x 3
335 + 365 chain x 1
425 + 365 chain x 1
515 + 365 chain x 1

One more week raw. This week I decided that I would stay raw. The next time this exercise comes around in the cycle, I will suit up. I wanted to see how high I could go raw and was very pleased with the results.

WEEK 5: 2-28-12 – Deadlifts

135 x 3
225 x 3
315 x 3
405 x 1 – start briefs (old single-ply)
495 x 1
585 x 1 – start using suit (old single-ply)
675 x 1
725 miss – was inches from lock-out

Even though I missed 725, I was very pleased with this day. This was the first time I tried sumo style in three years. I put on my knee sleeves to protect my left knee. I had hurt my knee a few years ago and there is a build-up of scar tissue. Every time I tried sumo style after the injury, it hurt too much when the bar hit that knee. This week it didn’t hurt and I was able to get my old form back.

WEEK 6: 3-5-12 – Squat

150 x 3
260 x 3
340 x 3
430 x 3 – start briefs (old single-ply)
520 x 3
620 x 3
710 x 3
800 x 2

Another good week. They just seem to keep coming. This week was the first traditional squat in the training cycle. I got in briefs because it’s time to start getting used to the heavy weights again. I also decided to do triples all the way up down to the last set, a double. I also wanted to get some volume in.

WEEK 7: 3-12-12 – Safety Bar Squat

155 x 3
155 x 3
250 x 3
340 x 3
430 x 1
520 x 1 – start briefs (old single-ply)
610 x 1
700 x 1
800 x 1

Second time around with the safety bar, this time getting into briefs. A funny thing happened on the 700 lb. set. I lost my balance in the hole and fell forward. With all the back training we have been doing in the last few months, I was able to stop the weight from folding me completely over, hold it there for at least a second and straighten myself back out, then stand back up with it. I was able to do all this and my back doesn’t feel bad at all. I was also able to go up to 800 and had no problem with it.


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