Meet Prep Bench Presses

Monday night Yury and I did the Team Sampson’s bench routine. It consists of sets of two reps to three boards, shirted. Top weight should be close to a Max, then two drop sets. First drop set should be close to a second attempt for two reps, with the last set two reps to a one and a half board with an opener weight one rep.

135 x 10
225 x 8
305 x 3
365 x 1 – start three boards
410 x 2 – start shirts
500 x 2
560 x 2
620 x 2
660 x 2
615 x 2 – two board
600 x 1 – one and half board

This workout was pretty hard. I used my larger single-ply Inzer Rage. I’m saving my tight shirt for the meet, besides its good to train with less help. We did a lot of reps over 600, but we got through it. My left shoulder was dragging a little but I think it will come along by the meet in April. It felt good holding heavy weights in my hands again.
This got me thinking about my squat training. I plan on switching things up a little in the next few weeks by wotking some heavy doubles. This will give me some needed endurance.


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