Week 9 – Dealifts

This was Week 9 in my training cycle leading into the APF Single-ply Nationals. Instead of squatting, I decided to do some deadlifts. I haven’t pulled for a month and figured I would give a go today.

The last time I pulled, I was trying to get back my old sumo technique. It went real well that day, I was able to pull 675 lbs. for the first time in years.

Today so I was excited to try sumo again but it went very badly. I blame myself. You see, at lunch today I went to the all you can eat sushi bar. Well, I sure did eat all I could, thinking that it would be digested by the time I deadlifted tonight. It wasn’t!

It’s not fun deadlifting with a bloated stomach. Let me go through my workout and you can see how bad it was.

145 x 3 x 2 sets.
245 x 3 x 2 sets – So far so good, I was raw no belt
335 x 1 – still good (raw no belt)
445 x 1 – Started briefs and belt – I could not get into position
535 x 1  – Briefs, suit and belt. I could not get in position and had to horse the weight up. SAD!
535 x 1 – Changed into conventional suit and pulled conventional, still had to horse the weight up
645 x 1 – Raw and belt – horsed the weight up

After that terrible deadlift session, I was pretty much spent. I had to horse the weight up too many times and with a full, bloated belly, I couldn’t breathe very well. I took it easy for the rest of the workout:

Leg Extensions
4 sets 120 lbs. x 15 reps.

Leg Curls
4 sets 100 lbs. x 15 reps.

The rest of the workout was me sitting around bullshitting with the guys.

One of the founding members of Team Jax, Randy Boynton, used to say, “When training up to a meet, you WILL have at least one bad day. Better to get it over with before getting to the meet.”

I can only hope this was my bad day. Next time, no all you can eat buffets before a heavy training day.


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