Week 9: Speed Squat Day

Not much to report today, but I figured it was important to start posting the speed (light) day workouts. Being only five weeks out from my meet, it’s time to start taking the light days lighter. The plan for the next few weeks is to push the max effort (heavy) days to the max or beyond, so I will be conserving myself for those days.

Today was speed squat day.

Chain Box Squats
3 sets x 3 reps. – Bar (55 lbs.) with 80 lbs. of chains
8 sets x 2 reps.  – 140 lbs. with 80 lbs. of chains

New Exercise!
Seated Hyperextensions with Bands
2 sets – Peach bands for 15 reps
4 sets – Gray bands for 15 reps

Standing Crunches on Cable Machine
80 lbs. 20 reps
100 lbs. 20 reps
100 lbs. 20 reps

That was it. Light!

Let me explain how to do the Seated Hyperextensions.  I was sitting on the floor stretching thinking I wanted to do hyperextensions but we don’t have a machine to do them on. Even if we did, I wanted to do something that would work like them but wasn’t too taxing on my lower back. I wanted to get more of a stretch than a burn.  What I ended up coming up with was this:

  1. Take a band and wrap it around  an upright on the bench press, about 16 inches off the floor
  2. Put a box or four board up against the upright
  3. Push your feet against the box
  4. Grasp each end of the band with your hands
  5. Straighten your legs to pull the slack out of the bands
  6. Bending at your waist, lean backward until your shoulders hit the floor, keeping you back straight
  7. Sit back up slowly not letting the bands pull you back up

If you do these correctly, you will feel strain in your lower back but not too bad. Also, an added benefit for all you bigger guys who can’t touch your toes, it will give you a nice stretch in your hamstrings when you sit back up.

Advise of the day: When training for a meet, take the light days lighter so you can take the heavy days heavier.




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