Week 10

I’m very pleased with this week’s heavy days. I’m right on target for the meet. I like to set goals for myself each week that I feel will maximize my efforts leading into a meet, and as for this week, I hit all of them.

4-3-2012 – Max Squat Day
This week for the squat was my last heavy top-end weight workout. I find that Band-Assisted squats are the best for this. These are a great way to get your Central Nervous System (CNS) ready to handle the monster weights. My goal for the meet is 1,060+ lbs., so I wanted to unrack and hold more weight than that prior to competition. This way when I get to the meet and attempt my goal, my body and CNS will be ready to handle the weight.

I set my goal for this week’s workout to 1,100 lbs. bar weight (top-end) with about 80-90% of my max in the hole. This translates to approximately 250 lbs. of help from the bands. My workout went as follows:

Band-Assisted Squats
260 lbs. top, 10 lbs. hole
350 lbs. top, 100 lbs. hole
460 lbs. top, 710 lbs. hole
550 lbs. top, 300 lbs. hole
660 lbs. top, 410 lbs. hole
770 lbs. top, 520 lbs. hole
860 lbs. top, 610 lbs. hole
930 lbs. top, 700 lbs. hole
1040 lbs. top, 790 lbs. hole
1110 lbs. top, 860 lbs. hole

Leg Extensions
120 lbs. 3 sets x 15 rep

Leg Curls
100 lbs. 3 sets x 15 reps

4-4-2012 – Max Bench Day
Today’s bench workout is the second week in Lester and my plan leading into the meet. Last week was three board presses so this week I dropped a board and went to two boards. The goal in this plan is to try to keep the weights the same but drop a board each week. Next week will be one board presses.

I was pretty pleased with this workout. I was able to go up to 700 lbs. again. This week it didn’t feel like I was holding a house in my hands.

2 Board Bench Press
135 lbs. x 5
135 lbs. x 5
225 lbs. x 5
225 lbs. x 5
315 lbs. x 3
365 lbs. x 1 – Start board
455 lbs. x 1 – Start shirt
545 lbs. x 1
610 lbs. x 1
710 lbs. x 1

Floor Press with Bumbells
80 lbs. x 3 sets x 15 reps

Close Grip Four Board Press
225 lbs. x 10
275 lbs. x 10
325 lbs. x 10




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