Week 11 – Max Squat Day

Three weeks out from APF Single-Ply Nationals

All I can say about this week’s heavy squat day is that I got through it. Warm-ups were going well, but once I got on my briefs, things seemed to change. I haven’t been watching my weight for this meet and I’m running around ten pounds heavier than usual. The briefs and suit were cutting into my legs so bad I couldn’t tell if the pain in my legs were my muscles cramping or just from the gear. I was tempted to stop but Lester convinced me to suck it up and continue. After all it was my heavy day before the meet. I continued and was able to hit my 1,000 lb. goal for the day.

As for sets and reps; when I’m in meet mode, I like to take large jumps to conserve my energy for the heaviest sets.

150 lbs. x 5
260 lbs. x 3
260 lbs. x 4
440 lbs. x 1 – Start Briefs
620 lbs. x 1
820 lbs. x 1 – Start Suit
910 lbs. x 1
1,000 lbs. x 1

Leg Curls
90 lbs. x 15
100 lbs. x 15
100 lbs. x 15
100 lbs. x 15

Leg Extension
120 lbs. x 15
120 lbs. x 15
120 lbs. x 15


Comments and questions are always welcome.


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