Week 11 – Deadlifts

Last night was supposed to be light day but seeing that I haven’t deadlifted for a while, I figured I would get one more heavy pull day in before the meet. For the last four months, I had been working on my sumo style deadlift, but the last time I tried it, it didn’t work out so well. This week I went back to conventional style to see if I could still do it.

135 lbs. x 5
140 lbs. x 5
140 lbs. x 5
250 lbs. x 5
250 lbs. x 5
340 lbs. x 3
430 lbs. x 1 – Start Suit
520 lbs. x 1
610 lbs. x 1
660 lbs. x 1
660 lbs. x 1

Because of the extra weight I put on, it was a little hard to get into position once I got my suit on. I had to pull the legs up into my crotch and turn my belt around, but I was finally able to get in position on the last set. I was thinking about going up another set to 700 lbs. but my training partners convinced me that it wasn’t necessary and to save it for the met in two weeks.



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Comments and questions are always welcome.


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2 responses to “Week 11 – Deadlifts

  • Iron Woody

    Hey Joe,

    Wanted to pick your brain about training with elbow tendonitis….I’d imagine that you’ve dealt with it at some point in your lifting career. Right now I’d say I’m dealing with a moderate case. It’s not hurting my bench press, but it is starting to affect my ability to deadlift. I use a mixed grip with the left hand using the underhand grip (dominate hand) and it’s starting to affect my ability to lift at my normal work capacity. Do you have any rehab/prehab exercises that you like to do??


    • joeironmannorman

      I have dealt with a few times. First thing is to wear elbow sleeves all the time, benching, deadlifting and squatting. You woul dbe surprised how much wear and tear you get on your elbows that’s not from benching.
      The sleeves don’t have to be super tight sleeves just enough the keep the blood in your elbows (http://www.mcdavidusa.com/).

      As for exercises, I do tricep extensions with bands for three sets of twenty, one arm at a time. Pretty much any band exercise you do will help. The stress is very light and you get a lot of blood flow to the elbows. When you do these, don’t let the band snap your arm back, bring it back with some resistance. I still do these every week at least once a week on light bench day, sometimes twice a week on both bench days.
      ATP Pro Gear has some: http://www.prowriststraps.com/bands_powerlifting_weight_lifting_band You want to get the #1 or #2 bands

      Your elbows should feel better in two or three weeks if you boht things I mentioned.

      Let me know if this helps.

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