Week 12 – Max Bench Came With A Little Irony

Wednesday was max bench day the last week before the meet. This was supposed to be one of the easiest max bench days but it came with an ironic ending. I will get into the irony in a minute; first here are my sets and reps.

Bar x 10
Bar x 10
140 lbs. x 5
140 lbs. x 5
225 lbs. x 5
225 lbs. x 5
275 lbs. x 5
315 lbs. x 5
315 lbs. x 5
315 lbs. x 5

That’s it! Pretty easy right? Notice, no others exercise?

Now for the irony.  On our way to lunch that day, two of my co-workers and I were talking about a team building lunch that was coming up next week and that I would be missing it do to the meet. The lunch will consist of pizza and bowling. I told them that even if I were able to go, I wouldn’t be taking part in the bowling that close to a meet. I don’t like risking any kind of injury when I’m so close to a meet.

That night, we were short on spotters and the only other two training partners there were getting in their bench shirts. Needless to say, I was the only one available to hand out. Everything went well, until one of their last sets. When my partner went to bench 600 lbs., he pushed the bar back toward the uprights. I had to grab it, pull it out and up to get it in the rack. At that moment I felt something pull in both my biceps and forearm.

It’s been a day and half since and my forearm still hurts but my bicep feels better. There was no black and bluing so it’s not a tear. Yesterday, I was able to do my speed squats with a wrist wrap around my forearm, so I’m sure I will be able to squat at the meet. Ice and my electric stimulator machine for the next 10 days and hopefully I will be able to put in a bench and deadlift at the meet.

While I’m here this was last night’s Light squat workout:

Bar x 5
Bar x 5
140 lbs. x 5
140 lbs. x 5
140 lbs. + Peach Bands x 2 x 8 sets

Band Hip Rounds
4 sets x 15 reps x Gray

4 sets x 15 reps x Small Black



Comments and questions are always welcome.


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