My Quest for Another Monster!

It’s less than a week to go before competition. I guess now is as good a time as any to let you in on my personal goal for this meet. I got it in my head last year that I wanted to be the first to squat 1,100 lbs. in single-ply gear. Now I don’t care if I walk it out or not, just to get under that amount of weight and squat it would be enough. A pretty huge goal, but I believe it’s possible. When I told my training partners about it, they thought I was crazy and one of them brought to my attention that the highest single-ply squat was actually 1,058 lbs. They convinced me that I should try for that first. I agreed and set my goal for this meet, to 1063.5 lbs., the next kilo jump over 1,058 lbs. Considering that last year I squatted 1,003 lbs. at the same meet I’m preparing for, 60 more lbs. is not that outrageous of a goal.

With my newest “Monster Squat” goal in mind, I set out to do what it takes to achieve it.  

Normally, I like to run a twelve week training cycle for a meet; ten weeks of hard training, one week light and the last week for rest leading into the meet. For this meet, I extended the cycle one week because of the goal I had in mind, to give myself an extra week of rest.

My typical meet cycle consists of traditional squats, two top-end overloading exercises and deadlifts thrown in every now and then. I normally start out raw and work up to briefs for all the squat workouts. As the meet approaches, I work into full gear.

I knew if I am to squat 1,063 lbs. I will have to get my lower back stronger, as well as get my body accustomed to holding that amount of weight or even more. The squat exercises I chose for this cycle to accommodate my goal were the Safety Squat Bar, Chain Squats and Band Assisted Squats. Safety squats would work my lower back while the other will give me the major top-end work I want. For this cycle, I also wanted to work myself harder so I stayed Raw for the first time performing each exercise making sure I hit some personal records for each.  

Here is the cycle:

  Exercise Gear Top Set
Week 1 Safety Squat Bar Raw 660 lbs. x 1
Week 2 Box Deadlifts Raw 700 lbs. x 1
Week 3 Band Assisted Squats Raw 910 lbs. x 1
Bands help with 250 lbs. of Pressure in the hole and 0 lbs. at lockout
Week 4 Chain Squats Raw 515 lbs. x 1 + 365 lbs. chains weight (880 lbs. total top-end)
Week 5 Deadlifts Single Suit/Briefs 675 lbs. x 1
Week 6 Squat Single Briefs 800 lbs. x 2
Week 7 Safety Squat Bar Single Briefs 800 lbs. x 1
Week 8 Chain Squats Single Suit/Briefs 735 lbs. + 365 lbs. chains weight x 2 (1,100 lbs. total top-end)
Week 9 Deadlifts Raw 645 lbs. x 1
Week 10 Band-Assisted Squats Single Suit/Briefs 1,110 lbs. x 1
Bands help with 250 lbs. of Pressure in the hole and 0 lbs. at lockout
Week 11 Squats Single Suit/Briefs 1,000 lbs. x 1
Week 12 Squats Raw 420 lbs. x 3
Week 13 Bar weight only, and spotting.

The only other things I changed up for this squat quest is that I won’t be cutting weight. I normally train right at a body weight of 255 lbs. and cut to 242 lbs. for the meet. This time I’m staying at my training weight. We also changed our Max squat days to Mondays instead of the end of the week. This will also give me more time to rest between my last heavy day and the meet.

Now this is Week 13 and tonight I plan on going to the gym to help spot, do some stretching, squats with just the bar, some leg extensions and leg curls and that’s it.

To sum it all up.

  1. Heavy raw training in the beginning of the cycle
  2. Safety bar for stronger lower back
  3. Chains and reverse bands to overload the top
  4. Perform exercises twice in the cycle, once raw and one geared
  5. Not cuttign body weight
  6. More rest

We will see next week if my plan worked! Wish me luck.




Comments and questions are always welcome.


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