Competition Training Oversights

It’s less than a week to go before competition. All the heavy lifting is complete but training for the meet is far from over. There are still two important aspects of competition training that often get overlooked and are just as important as actually lifting weights. Those are Rest and Inspiration.

Most lifters, including myself, get so caught up in training, that they forget they have been beating their bodies up for weeks. The natural momentum leading into a meet gets you all pumped and excited that you just want to keep it going.  Most people also get it in their heads that they will lose all the gains they made if they stop to rest.  This is just not true. In fact, you will probably make some last minute gains, if you do stop and rest the week before the competition. An old training partner used to tell me. “The work is done. You aren’t going to get any stronger in one week, so rest.”

Inspiration can come in many forms. Music, movies, photos…. The week before a competition, I like to watch certain movies that get me pumped for the meet; Rocky (1976) and Rocky Balboa (2006), to name a few. I also like to watch my own training and competition videos. Watching myself hit some personal record lifts, not only get me in the proper state of mind for the meet but boost my confidence and ensures me that I can go to the meet and accomplish any goal I set for myself.

Get your rest and find your inspiration the week leading into competition. When meet day comes, you will find yourself physically and mental ready to accomplish anything.




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