Monster Squat

Over the last 13 years I have made a name for myself as one of the most powerful squatters in the sport of powerlifting. I am currently one of the top ranked lifters in the world in three weight classes and still hold numerous national and world squat records. To give back to the sport, I decide to share my knowledge in my soon to be available book, Monster Squat.

Have a look at the Table of Contents

Whether you’re just a beginner or advanced lifter, Monster Squat is your guide  on the quest for a bigger squat. From the mechanical basics to the proper state of mind, it’s all there. Learn what it takes to get under the monster weights.

Squatting the monster weights takes more than just brute strength. The book will be guided through topics such as:

    • The basics of the squat and how to perfect your form
    • Setting up a training schedule to maximize your effort toward your monster squat
    • Choosing the proper exercises to build a strong powerful squat

Additional topics include:

  • Lifting gear, from single-ply to multi-ply
  • Taking your squat to the competitive level
  • Mental preparation


(paperback b & w)


(mobi color)

Squat Videos

See more videos on Youtube! Teamjaxfl



Monster Squat is thoughtful, concise and thorough. If you’re a powerlifter it’s a must read written in a very readable style. One of the best strength training books I’ve read – and I’ve read a bunch of them. It also corresponds to my eight years of experience as a competing lifter. That is, work the basics hard but smart and you will improve. But also it takes time – years – to be a competent and good squatter. Even if you never want to compete as a lifter this book is sound, easy to understand strength training advice by a skilled practitioner.

By Greg Godwin
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase


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